Wednesday, September 16, 2015


So it is my third day of school! Wahoo! I got up for my first class ready for the day. Everything was good. I woke up on time, I had time to actually do my hair, I had extra time to do my make-up, I got to wear my new boots, and its cold! I am excited for it to be cold again because I can wear all my sweaters again! I love sweaters. So everything was going good. Then Nick and I drove to school and couldn't find a parking spot close to our classes. So we kept going further and further out next thing we know we are at least a ten minute walk from our classes and our classes start in ten minutes so we find a parking spot and start walking very fast towards our classes. Nick's building was before mine so I hope he made it on time to his class, but I got to my classroom with thirty seconds to spare. Just to see a note on the door that says that the class was cancelled. Like what the heck! I usually check my email before class to just make sure no classes are cancelled. But of course the one day I dont check... Its cancelled. Welcome to the adventurous life of Emma... Ugh its so frustrating.

So now I am sitting in the library and I am cold, but sweaty from trying to get to my class on time. Welp, hopefully my next class isn't cancelled. Guess I should check my email now..

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