Wednesday, September 16, 2015


So it is my third day of school! Wahoo! I got up for my first class ready for the day. Everything was good. I woke up on time, I had time to actually do my hair, I had extra time to do my make-up, I got to wear my new boots, and its cold! I am excited for it to be cold again because I can wear all my sweaters again! I love sweaters. So everything was going good. Then Nick and I drove to school and couldn't find a parking spot close to our classes. So we kept going further and further out next thing we know we are at least a ten minute walk from our classes and our classes start in ten minutes so we find a parking spot and start walking very fast towards our classes. Nick's building was before mine so I hope he made it on time to his class, but I got to my classroom with thirty seconds to spare. Just to see a note on the door that says that the class was cancelled. Like what the heck! I usually check my email before class to just make sure no classes are cancelled. But of course the one day I dont check... Its cancelled. Welcome to the adventurous life of Emma... Ugh its so frustrating.

So now I am sitting in the library and I am cold, but sweaty from trying to get to my class on time. Welp, hopefully my next class isn't cancelled. Guess I should check my email now..

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Well.. one wedding, 3 moves, 9 months, and $400 dollars worth of text books later and I finally get to start school again! Tonight is my last night of freedom and then I am going to become a full time student again! Which I am both very excited and very anxious about. I only have 19 hours until my first class. So many mixed feelings! I;m just feeling exhausted because, what do I do when I'm anxious? I clean and clean and clean again! My apartment isn't even that big, but I just clean and re-clean and organize and re-organize... I have a problem!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Prayers Are Answered

Holy Goodness!

I am so happy right now! Nick and I have been praying for our financial aid to be approved. We both had a few struggles with our grades which is what may have prevented us from receiving federal financial aid. So we had to petition about getting our financial aid. Basically, we both had to write a letter explaining what prevented us from doing well in previous semesters. So we did. We had to write and rewrite those letters three times to get them "pre-approved". That's basically just getting them approved to be reviewed by the financial aid board. So that was a head ache. It took about a week and a half to fianlly get them to accept the letters to be reviewed. I recieved news back the next day saying that mine was apporved, but we hadn't head about Nicks letter so we were a little discouraged. We prayed every night that it would be approved. We made sure to read our scriptures. We paid our tithing on Sunday. We made sure we prayed together every night as well as on our own. We needed to have that prayer answered. And it was!

Our prayers were answered and we received news this morning that we will be receiving federal financial aid! We couldn't be more grateful!

Not only will we get federal loans, but we also receive pel-grants which we do not have to pay back. That is such a big relief! We are so grateful to out Heavenly Father for blessing us so that we can continue to go to school!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Everything

Since getting back from Utah, I have felt almost brand new. Our cupbords are stocked and we have a lot of new stuff! I love how excited I get over new plates! So we got a bunch of new kitchen things thanks to Michelle Cammack. She was going to give me some stuff she has had, but never really used for our wedding, but we were out of state so she said she would hang on to the stuff until we were able to pick it up! Which we did when we went down to Utah! Along with the plates we got a hot sandwich maker, a blender, a pitcher, some fun stemware, and a cute candy dish holder! Now that's not a ton of stuff, but it basically doubled what we had before! So  its pretty awesome! Also while we were down in Utah Nick went to his first Ikea! He had never been and I couldn't wait to show him all of the neat things they had. While we were there my fantastic momma got us a few things for only $11! We got a plastic bag holder to hang on the wall, two plastic cutting boards, and a silverware divider! Even those small things make me so happy! Then when we got back and I finished putting the apartment together, I decided we needed a few things. So I went out and bought a Swiffer so I can properly clean my floors. AND I got curtains for our bedroom!

This new apartment makes me feel like a different person because I can actually do things in here! I dont feel like I am living in a closet!

Things are still a bit chaotic because my younger brother is staying with us until school starts, but once his stuff is all cleared out of here, I will take pictures so you can see what the new place looks like! I love love love love love love love love love this apartment.

Where you live really effects how you feel. Having space and being able to cook in an actual kitchen makes life so much better.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

this crazy thing called life

Where do I even begin?

So many things have been happening. I got a new job. Which is better and worse than my last one. And my husband works with me, which is one of the better parts. So we have been working our little butts off trying to make enough money to eat. I also have a wedding to shoot this week, but in order to go down to the wedding I needed car insurance since my husbands dad decided to stop paying for it and didn't even tell us for 2 weeks after he cancelled it. So we got car insurance today! (I feel so grown up) then Nick has been so busy with finals and we have been running everywhere to get things for presentations and final projects and I have helped him with the artsy side of things so I feel like I have been doing most of his project, but that's okay. So now he is on his last few days of school so you would think we could relax. NOPE! I have that wedding to shoot this week and I need to get the apartment pretty clean so that when we go to move out next week it will be easier to clean if details are already done! Then the day we move in we also have to leave to go down to Utah with my family for a bridal shower and then get ready to put on a wedding. So we are gonna be busy busy busy...

I just want to pause and take a breather. The only good thing about going down to Utah for that time is not only do I get to see my brother get married, but also, We will be able to have family time! Which is very needed! We spend so much time cooped up in this apartment and this little town that getting out of here is nice and having family around is even nicer!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We Are Moving!

That is right folks! We are moving! We are staying in our complex, but we are just moving up to a bigger apartment. The complex we are staying at has furnished studio apartments. They are nice and also new, but the one we have is just a little small for us. I have some pictures to show you what I am talking about, but we will be moving the first of August! So Nick just needs to finish out this semester and then we will be in a larger apartment! Thank goodness!

Now I don't want to say anything bad about the complex, because honestly, they are awesome! The only thing that really drives me crazy is the kitchen! I love to cook and bake and just experiment in the kitchen so having a tiny kitchen is not cutting it for me. So here are some pictures of the apartment we are staying in now. It is considered a "Pocket Kitchen"

So as you can see, it is very (and I mean VERY) crowded. It is workable, but imagine trying to make dinner in here. Even if its super simple like pasta, it is still so frustrating to have NO counter space to put things on.

Also the living room situation can be odd at times. When you have people over, you have no choice, but to have them sit on the couch and you sit on the bed. That can be kind of weird sometimes..

So now here are some pictures of the new apartment and some things I am excited about! This is considered a "One Bedroom"

I am going to feel so much better in here. To have my clothes separate from my living area is going to be such a blessing! I am so excited to move I wish I could move this weekend! My goal was to move into a larger apartment by August so that we would have a month to completely settle in before school starts up again, and we did it! I am so excited!

At the moment Nick has a 8:00am class so he gets up around 6:30am and he can't get up and get ready without waking me up. This way in the mornings, and even at night, one person can still get their sleep while the other one is doing homework or going to school! It will be so much more convenient! I am so EXCITED!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Quite some time

Well, it has been quite some time since I have written on this blog! Crazy things have been happening! All of my time and energy has been sucked into getting my photography business up and running. My husband and I are working to get things in place before I officially "launch" I guess. I am really excited to share all of my pictures and things that have been going on with emma dorsett photography!